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Suppose You run a business, say a restaurant, or a hotel, even an office, and there happens to be a plumbing emergency to put your business on hold, that won't speak well of you, and you may end up losing clients, and a lot of money.

The truth be told, any plumbing problem you may have with the water heater or your toilet can become a plumbing emergency. It all depends on the inopportune time of the incident; here are a few emergencies.

Water heaters: when the water heaters in your home, or establishment stop working, or become leaky, and clients or your workers do not have access to hot water, that becomes a huge problem, boiling water manually and sending it to your clients upstairs is not an option worth considering at all.

Overflowing or Clogged toilet: toilets are among the most important appliances in any home, and it’s the last thing you would want to be having trouble with, now imagine the toilets at a hotel, a restaurant or even an office getting clogged, and beginning to overflow, or just wouldn't flush properly, the toilets become unusable, and when that happens, we'll be right there as soon as give us a call.

A busted pipe or a water leak: a broken pipe usually causes a lot of damages after flooding your house. Worse if it happens at your establishment, then you know you are really in big trouble. Though a busted pipe doesn't occur as often as the others, but the causes of a water leak are actually quite common like the clogs inside of a pipe could mount pressure on the walls of the pipe and causes the pipe to break, tree roots that merge to the insides of a pipe until the pipe breaks, and gets your home, restaurant, office, hotel etc. becomes flooded with water. When there happens to be a water leak, it would be best to call us immediately.

Blocked Drains: blocked drains occur in the bathroom and kitchen of your lovely home, then you know you are in trouble, worse is if you run a restaurant, or a hotel and the drains get blocked, that sure becomes a hell of a plumbing emergency, because the sink might put you out of business, and at home, a blocked drain can also be frustrating, and before long, you will find your house or your establishment become flooded with waste water.

Whatever plumbing emergency you might be having, our plumbers are just a call away from handling it, our quick response team who are always ready will be at your location to fix the problem immediately.

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